BrainSnack® Sudoku
The Fun Variants
Although Classic Sudoku with its 9x9 grid is still very popular, more and more variants are being developed. In addition to variants with different grid sizes, we have also developed extra variants for kids and adults. The basic Sudoku rules apply to all fun variants, but you get extra clues to solve them.

  • Symmetrical Sudoku: a Sudoku where the fixed numbers are placed in a symmetrical pattern.

  • Sudoku X: the two the main diagonals of the grid also contain every number from 1 - 9.

  • Sudoku Twin: two conected 9x9 Sudoku's.

  • Sudoku Samurai: is a puzzle made up of five overlapping Sudokus in the shape of a quincunx.

  • Sudoku A+B: the circles contain the sum of the numbers in the two adjacent cells.

  • Sudoku < 5 or Sudoku >5: all cells with a fat square contain numbers that are smaller (or greater) than five.

  • Sudoku Snake: the red area in the form of a snake also contains every number from 1 to 9.

  • Sudoku Kids Colour: here the numbers were replaced with colours. Instead of a pencil, use crayons to colour in the Sudoku.

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Symmetrical Sudoku
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