Yammi tested and approved!

Yammi was tested in phases in the classroom amongst different age groups. In the interim phase the game was optimised and the manual was written. These were the most important objectives and results of the tests:

Emphasis is placed on effortless learning.
Positive if at least 70% of the kids want to play Yammi often.
90% thought Yammi was a lot of fun
Must teach the importance of a varied diet in combination with exercise.
This was checked via observation and input from the kids. Positive if the percentage of positive responses to each of the criteria is at least 20% greater after playing Yammi than before.
Clearly higher than 20% yet not quantifiable.
Teachers' willingness to use Yammi in the classroom.
Positive if 70% of the tested teachers are willing to use this game.
100% want to use Yammi in the classroom